Career Opportunities after PGDM: What prospects await you!

A degree in management really kick start your career in the right direction. Every CEO of top companies in the world holds a degree in management. A PGDM from the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR region will set you along a career path from where you will never have to look back and just continue growing. You can join any business niche and depending on your experience, in any given role.

Every successful firm owes their growth to their managers. PGDM is where you learn the skills to be that manager. You gain leadership skills, acquire the patience to deal with high pressure situations and learn to manage people effectively. Your creativity is also tested to the limit, and you have to think of new ideas, which can give your company a new direction. In short, a good PGDM course gets you business ready and turns you into someone who companies look for.

Scope and Salary Prospects

As a fresher with no prior job experience before your PGDM, you can expect an approximate salary package of three lakhs per annum. However, if you have your degree from one of the top management colleges in Delhi NCR region or anywhere in India, the figure may very well go up to six to eight lakhs per annum. And if you do have prior work experience, your salary after completing a PGDM course can go as much as fifteen lakhs per annum.

Private companies offer even more for the right candidate. You can enter directly into the roles of Senior Sales Manager or Regional General Manager and attract a package of over twenty lakhs per annum easily. Your salary will depend on how well you have honed your skills, the way you convince your recruiters and your confidence to take up challenging tasks. The company will pay any amount for the right candidate.

Career opportunities

Businesses and firms hire a PGDM graduate for all kinds of roles but there are some typical jobs out there which you will always come across. The top ones include:

  • Brand Manager

You will be responsible for the brand’s marketing here. Advertising, promotions, events, media engagement, etc. will be your top responsibilities. The company will depend on you to spread their brand’s awareness and ensure maximum outreach.

  • Human Resource Manager

As the name suggests, your key job role will include managing the company’s human resources. You will have to recruit the cream, manage the existing employees and ensure that everyone is working to their full potential.

  • Sales Manager

Land new clients, pitch new products to existing clients and formulate better sales strategies to generate higher revenue – these are the typical job roles. You will also have to decide the brand’s best distribution centre, where to set up shops and much more.

  • Finance Manager

You will have to take care of the cash flow. This is probably one of the highest paid roles among all as you will have to coordinate with other managers as well. The company’s profit will depend on your decisions. You may have to formulate investment plans, decide on asset management and so on.

There are also opportunities like market research analyst, public relations managers, business, and financial consultants and much more. No matter which position you join, a PGDM degree will ensure that you rise in the hierarchy fast and ultimately reach positions like CEO, COO or CFO.

Sectors that recruit PGDM professionals

Every business out there recruits management graduates. You can choose to work in the private sector or public sector. You can go into banking or select the hotel industry. E-commerce, aviation, power, technology, automobiles, medical, and the list goes on. Even law firms hire PGDM degree holders to be their CEO with a necessary law background. Every niche opens up for you.

Then there are upcoming niches like Digital Marketing. Companies are now spending almost 75% of their marketing budget in the digital world and they need managers here. There is also investment banking whose services clients seek to evaluate an asset’s valuation before investment or look for ways to raise more money. You may go for post-graduation as well after which you can become a market researcher or take up teaching.

And lastly, there is always entrepreneurship. PGDM professionals are trained to maintain their own firm and the course gives you valuable lessons for your venture. The founders of the top companies in the world have management degrees and they agree that the course helps in more than one ways.

To summarise

Prepare your list of MBA colleges in Delhi NCR region and get enlisted into the top one. A PGDM from one of the best colleges like IMS Noida opens up many doors with massive salary prospects. You become an asset to every company and a perfect job awaits you right after completing your course. The institute has a placement program through which you can get into leading global companies. To fast-track your career, it is ideal to enrol into a PGDM course!

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