Degree vs. Internship: Which One is more Valuable for Management

The common debate that goes on in a student’s mind right after their undergraduate course is whether to join a job or pursue higher studies. Things intensify even more if your eyes are set to reach the topmost level of the corporate world. An early start with an internship will definitely help but a degree will give you the necessary skills to directly begin at the management level. So, where to invest the next two years? Join an internship to learn in the field, or get the degree to study more?

Here’s a comparative study between the two that will answer the burning question. While both have its advantages, there is always just one clear choice. Let this post help you to get over your doubts and select the right option without any dilemmas.

Internships give you specific experience MBA prepares you for all jobs

In other words, when you select an internship over a degree, you will be learning all your skills from a particular group of supervisors within a particular company. Not that it isn’t helpful but not all companies have the same business model. Say you join an electronics company as an intern with an ambition to become a manager one day, whatever you will pick up here will be centered on the electronics market. The demand of this niche will decide what marketing or sales skills you develop and shifting to another niche may become difficult.

Whereas, if you pursue PGDM from one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR region you gather general managerial skills. You become fit to join any company in any niche and can modify your role depending on the business model at hand. The course covers all aspects of being a manager and adapting to changing roles won’t be a problem for you at all.

Internships add experience to your portfolio; MBA makes you favourable for promotion

It’s true that as compared to a person coming after a degree, you will have an added two-year experience to show in your CV. This will work to your advantage until the point when your company discusses your promotion. A person with a higher degree is almost always favoured between two candidates with the same skill set. Companies feel that the knowledge from the degree will help their cause and they are seldom wrong.

Take any of the big global firms and look into the portfolio of their top management group. Almost everyone possesses an MBA in their respective fields. If you start with an internship, you may reach the CEO level ultimately, but your journey will take more time as compared to someone with the degree in hand. So, if you want to rise fast in the corporate hierarchy, PGDM is the path for you.

The skills you develop in internships depends on your supervisor, MBA is designed for success

Learning first-hand through the internship may sound intriguing, but you have as much exposure as your supervisor allows you to have. As an intern, you become a part of a team and it may so happen that you always end up with the clerical tasks. Entering data into the computer or editing errors in official reports will never give you any managerial skills and you may find yourself nowhere after two years. Your supervisor gets to decide how much you succeed and you will not have control over your growth.

The case is not so in case of an MBA. Management colleges in Delhi NCR region like the IMS Noida have their course designed to teach you the necessary skills. Under a curriculum, there’s no one to restrict what you learn and you can land a job at any step in the corporate hierarchy. Plus, after MBA, you are the decision maker in the company and people cannot throttle your growth.

Lastly, MBA almost always prepare you for something more than a job

Not always, but internships may not teach you essential topics like asset management, risk assessment, investment strategy and so on. You can develop these skills on the side along with the day job but in MBA, you do not have to give an extra effort. The course will help you to learn about them and you can apply it in your daily life.

Plus, a degree from one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR region gets you ready for the entrepreneurial path as well. You can turn your idea into a business and won’t face any difficulty to gather investment. You will know how to effectively bootstrap your company or approach a Venture Capital firm to kick start your brand. Starting with an internship will delay this process but MBA gives you the necessary head start.

It’s ultimately your decision but remember that a degree will do you more good. Evaluate your ambition, weigh your options and choose the path that will help you to reach it. Good luck!

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