Is Digital Marketing a Right Career Option? Jobs, Scopes and Statistics

The current encroachment of the internet in our daily lives is not unknown. Over 3.56 billion people in the world have access to the internet which makes the penetration level to over 50%. In India alone, by the end of 2015, almost 350 million people used the internet and the number is likely to grow to 750 million by 2020. Reports say that adults spend almost 3 hours per day on the internet and digital marketing is all about this. A job where you market a product in the place where people spend most of their time.

The demand for internet is unlikely to go down, so are the jobs of digital marketing. As a career option, the field is yet to see saturation and is at a stage of growth. Brands and business have recognised the potential of the digital space and are ready to invest any amount in the right professionals. Recent statistics gives a clearer picture of its demand and how it is such a viable future career option.

The demand for Digital Marketing

  • Almost 93% of all online activity begins with a search in a search engine.
  • Nearly 83% of all online buyers research a product before purchasing.
  • 80% people in the United States makes at least 2 purchases per month over the internet.
  • Brands have stated that they use 75% of their annual marketing budget for the digital space only.
  • Companies agree that 10% of all their products sold are to people who found them online.

Every stat that you see now is bound to grow. So, if you are pursuing your degree from any of the top mass communication colleges in Noida or anywhere else, by the time you finish your graduation, there will be no dearth of jobs. Plus, companies are tilting towards digital marketing more due to some valid reasons.

Why brands prefer Digital Marketing?

  • It’s cheaper than traditional marketing and reaches a wider audience
  • Analytics software makes tracking ROI easier. So, brands know what’s working for them and what’s not.
  • Customer engagement is higher in the digital space and the audience received is targeted.

And hence the trend to market a product online. Brands look for SEO executives, Social Media Managers, Email Marketers, PPC Experts and so on. If you can develop your expertise in any of these, you can be a valuable asset to any company.

Salary and Job Prospects

Currently, in the US, the highest salary of a digital marketer was recorded at almost $50,000 per year. In India, however, the package can start at 3 to 4 lakhs per annum depending on your skills. Packages are comparatively low if you associate yourself with an agency or a marketing house but it does rise if you can land a job in a big company’s in-house team.

You can also freelance for foreign companies who prefer to outsource their marketing needs. Since the job is entirely based on the internet, you can work for anyone from anywhere. Again, what you earn will depend on your expertise but there is no lack of options.

You can work in almost any industry as well. Fashion, technology, sports, law, manufacturing, food, and so on. Every sector needs digital marketing and you can combine your interest with the career. Plus, the knowledge may help you in your entrepreneurial ventures as well should you decide to become one. Digital marketing opens many doors and its prospects are endless.

So, it’s the right career option?

A saturated field is never a viable option. A growing one definitely is.

  • There’s still a lack of technically sound digital marketers

And technically sound is about the ability to use the automation tools, analytics software and so on. If you can become adept at using the new tools available, landing a job will not be difficult.

  • The field is always changing

Everything about digital marketing is dynamic. There’s no fixed method and there are no rules. You have to use your conscience to succeed and find out what works the best. This dynamic nature creates the demand for fresh minds and jobs are always available.

  • Your background does not matter

While an MBA is always helpful, you can still be a digital marketer by passing with any other degree as well. You can train online, volunteer to work for a website and build your portfolio at your own pace. A mass communication degree will also get you similar salaries as long as your knowledge is right.

Grab the opportunity

Join in any of the top Digital Marketing colleges in India after 12th like IMS Noida and start your career in digital marketing. An in-demand market always holds huge potentials and growth prospects are that much huge. The field is versatile, it’s challenging and there are lots of scopes to use your creativity. Choose the right course and launch your career in the digital space.

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