How Social Media can help you get your dream job

Social Media, in the recent times, has emerged as a game changer for job seekers. The usage of social networking sites is not limited to sharing pictures or videos, but, also, has become a platform for hunting jobs. Following such a trend, India has recently witnessed an upsurge in social media users. According to Statista, there are over 250 million active social media users have been recorded as on January 2018 in India, which are expected to increase to 370 million by the year 2022.

Social networking sites are bringing immense benefits to aspirants who are looking for their perfect job. Some of them are:

  • Social Media has enabled direct communication with the employers
  • Social Networking sites have become a doorway to extensive job opportunities for job seekers
  • Applying for jobs have become easier, as compared, to the traditional methods
  • Increased visibility of the aspirants in the eyes of the recruiters over social media
  • Exposure to changing industry trends

There are a range of employers as well as recruiting agencies, which have a significant presence on social media sites. The social networking sites have indeed become a part of the strategy of the employers to search for the best candidates.

Essentials of Job Search on Social Media:

Searching for a job is a huge task in itself, as it is surrounded by tremendous complexities, and it demands a substantial attentiveness. Nowadays, social media is playing a major role for the aspirants to land their dream job. However, there are few essentials that students must keep in their mind while exploring the opportunities online. Let’s take a look:

  • Impressive Bio or profile: You Bio or profile can be the key to landing a job via a social networking site. It should include a short summary which covers your likes, dislikes, interests, etc. A bio on the social media accounts must be precise and provide appropriate details about your skills. Also, an aspirant must ensure the link between the resume and bio. For instance, the passion or interest described in the bio must be similar to what has been highlighted in your CV. The process, in turn, can prove to be advantageous and help in laying a positive impression on the recruiter.
  • Know about the company: With the remarkable online presence of the organisations, aspirants can know more about the company as well as job profile they are interested in via pages on networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social Media is a great way to learn about the companies. An appropriate understanding of the company provides an advantage during the interview and enables a better connection with the employers. The information extracted from the social networking page could further be used to enhance your cover letter.
  • Be careful on Content: It is imperative for the job seekers to be careful about their posts on social media. Posting about industrial events attended or the volunteer activities undertaken is a powerful technique to possess a strong social media profile. On the other hand, one must avoid posting offensive or something regrettable, as it can lay a negative impression over the recruiter.
  • Enhance your presence: By posting trending content on your social media profiles, you can catch the attention of recruiters. Use of relevant and trending Hashtags, can prove advantageous for the aspirants to enhance their online presence. It is suggested to use hashtags within posts in order to gain interest from recruiters.

Social Media Channels are playing a huge role in the job hunting process of aspirants. However, one must ensure the effective use of the social networking sites to get their dream job.

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There are tremendous methods of hunting jobs for the aspirants. Digital Marketing courses after 12th can help you learn key skills and understand the opportunities available online. Get admission in the best Digital Marketing colleges in India, have a chance to understand how social media works in order to grow within an organisation as well as catch the eye of the recruiters.

There has been an increase in recruitment through social media in the past few years. Even after acquiring the job through placement process, the social media profiles are keenly analysed by the employers. Thus, students must make sure to keep their personal life is kept at a distance from social media, and keep posting interesting and relevant content in order to grow professionally!



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