Top 8 PGDM Myths you need to Bust Now

Popularity brings along myths and PGDM is no exception. This highly famed post graduate degree settles your career the fastest and almost anyone can pursue it after their undergraduate course. However, there are some myths that go around to which students often succumb to and, in the process, lose their opportunity to tap into the vast potential that the PGDM holds for its aspirants.

To help you to avoid the trap entirely and have no doubts while enrolling into one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR region or anywhere else, here is a list of 8 common myths that surround PGDM. Identify them when they come your way and bust them immediately without hesitation.

  1. You need to excel in your boards to join PGDM

The top MBA colleges do not require a 90% from you for admission however you need to qualify a lower cutoff. This base percentage is set to give students an idea of the course difficulty they are about to face and they do not encounter something massive after enrolling. The cutoff marks are generally low and quite achievable.

  1. You must clear CAT to get admission

The Common Admission Test is designed as an entrance exam to the IIMs which many other B-schools also adopted. Having a decent score will work to your benefit but you certainly do not need to clear CAT to join any of the MBA colleges in Delhi NCR or anywhere else in India. Some colleges have their own admission exams and some accept students based on other criterions. You need to keep a tab and find out the ways to pursue PGDM.

  1. The course is very stressful

PGDM is as stressful as any other good post-graduate degree. You are getting ready for the corporate world and will be recruited as a manager in one of the top companies out there. The course gets you prepared for whatever you are about to face. Then again, a good manager can manage their time and work and neither your job or your course has to be stressful.

  1. It’s only about management books and seminars

In reality, PGDM is probably the most application-based postgraduate course among all. You will have to attend classes and study a few books, but the workshops and seminars are not always all about lectures. You get to arrange them, organise the event and manage a whole team. Top colleges like IMS Noida have alumni meets and college events where you get to learn networking and management skills first-hand and not from any book.

  1. PGDM is losing its market value

On the contrary, this is the only degree that is still surviving. All companies require managers at every step in their hierarchy and they are happy to recruit an MBA graduate who comes with the necessary skills. Plus, your degree does not restrict you to a particular niche or domain. You can land a managerial job both in an electronics firm or a financial institution. Both the scope and salary will remain the same.

  1. A job is almost guaranteed after a PGDM

This is not entirely a myth but the hundred percent confirmations definitely are. The top tier colleges have high placement rates but it is your skills that ultimately decide whether you make the cut or not. Companies visit campuses to find the best of the lot and you must present your case convincingly. The degree is your key to the lock but you must work to open it. A great PGDM course hands you the necessary skills and landing a job right after isn’t that difficult.

  1. A technology undergraduate is preferred more currently

This is absolutely a myth. There is no denying that the recent trend has shifted towards technical students pursuing PGDM, but this does not mean the colleges and companies prefer them more. If you are coming from a commerce background and develop the necessary managerial skill, you can land a top job in a law firm as well. Your task will be to manage the company and any student with an undergraduate degree can do that.

  1. The course fee is sky high

In the IIMs, the course fees do reach Rs 17 to 20 lakhs but this is not true for all colleges. If you scan through the list of MBA colleges in Delhi NCR region, you will find PGDM courses that will cost you within your affordable limit. Plus, banks give easy loans to PGDM aspirants which you can pay back within a couple of years into your job. The packages you receive are that high and you get your return almost immediately.

So, do not delay your PGDM course anymore. Choose the top college, prepare well and launch your managerial career. You can very well end up being the CEO of a top firm any day and PGDM is the start you need.


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