Top mistakes which lead to CV rejection

A job search is not an easy task. The screening rounds of a recruitment process often get on the nerves of the students, of which the first step is the short listing of the resume for a particular profile. A recruiter keenly observes and analyses a resume which then, decides the outcome of a candidate. A resume is expected to be perfect, in order to avoid elimination in the very first round. A student, before applying for a job, must run a check through the CV and ensure that the content is error free. However, apart from grammatical errors, there are several other factors which often lead to the rejection of a CV. Below mentioned are the key mistakes which a student must avoid in their CV to grab the offer of their lifetime:

  • Improper Formatting: The recruiters look for the CVs that are clear and on point with the content. A recruiter spends a total of 8.8 seconds per CV to review it. Thus, it is essential for a student to make their resume clear and presentable for the hiring professionals. A student must use a proper font size and layout across the resume, in order to stand out. Any errors in the CV are considered as a turn off by recruiters.
  • False Claims: Often, a resume has a number of accomplishments achieved by the candidate in a considerable duration. Students must write about only those achievements which can be backed by data or explained properly. Failure to describe the contribution towards the projects mentioned in your CV can lead to an immediate rejection. A candidate should mention only the accomplishments for which they possess the claims for.
  • Failure to get on point: One of the key aspects that recruiters look for into the resume is the summary. The candidates, sometimes, begin the resume with a detailed description of experience and academic qualifications. Such an approach can make the recruiters lose their interest in the CV and move on to the next one. A candidate must avoid big descriptions and try to be precise with their details. A resume must contain a short summary revolving around the expertise and career aspirations of the candidate. The employers consider lengthy explanations as a waste of time and reject the resumes instantly.
  • Inappropriate Vocabulary: The extended use of social media has enforced a habit of using short forms or abbreviations. However, applying them to a resume could lead to a rejection. The correct implementation of the grammar into resume is a must. Spelling mistakes and short forms or abbreviations could lead to a rejection. This signifies a candidate has a casual approach towards the recruitment process and that they lack professionalism.
  • Irrelevant Contact Information: The resumes in the modern day recruitment scenario are thoroughly checked and any references or contact information is cross checked by recruiters. The contact information provided in the CV must be correct. Candidates can also provide links to professional sites like LinkedIn so that recruiters can verify their CV and other details. Nowadays, organisations actively verify a candidates profile online on various platforms to verify information.

The resume must be a transparent portfolio that takes the recruiter through a candidate’s complete profile. Students should avoid the above mentioned mistakes in order to get safe from rejection.

The placement season arrives in the last quarter of every year wherein, a number of students appear for different recruitment processes throughout the country. The students aim every year to acquire a seat in the top 10 PGDM colleges in India. The quality of education being delivered in metro cities attracts a number of students every year for enrolment in the best colleges for PGDM course.

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With the increase in competition, securing a job in your dream organisation has become very tough. There is no space for mistakes as recruiters have become very strict with their approach to hire the best talent for their organisation. It is important to check your CV thoroughly, before sending it to recruiters. First impressions can be the last impressions, especially when it comes to a job application. Keeping your CV error free and easy to read as possible can maximise your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and landing your dream job!

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