How valuable is the Dual Specialisation in PGDM for a student’s career

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) has always been one of the most coveted courses by graduates. It is a two-year full-time course offered by a number of leading institutes in India. With the growing economy, aspirants have started doing dual specialisations, due to an increase in demand from organisations. Leading institutes in India like IMS Noida offer PGDM courses with twin specialisation as it helps students to adapt and excel in the competitive job market.

Considering such economical aspects, a number of institutes are actively offering dual specialisation courses – especially in PGDM. Some of the topmost combinations of dual specialisation are – Marketing and Finance, Marketing and Human Resources, Human Resources and IT, Marketing and Operations, etc.

Dual specialisation offers a more challenging and wider curriculum to students which enhance their knowledge and skills in various domains. The study pressure is high, but the rewards are also high. Apart from academics, have you ever considered how much a dual specialisation can impact your career? Not Yet. We have listed some of the key benefits of dual specialisation below:

  • Enhanced Knowledge: The dual specialisation in PGDM ensures the attainment of the knowledge and understanding of two different domains. These, in turn, facilitate exposure to a range of topics to study on and build skills accordingly.
  • Multitasking: Since ages, employers have been seeking aspirants who are multi-taskers and can take on a number of roles within the organisation. Dual specialisation enables a student to excel in different domains which in turn, increases the career opportunities for them. Organisations nowadays believe in cost-cutting and by hiring students with dual-specialisation, they can assign multiple responsibilities.
  • Better Placement Opportunities: Candidates with dual specialisation have an advantage of applying for a wide range of profiles. During the placement season, these candidates can appear in two different profiles depending upon their specialisation. This gives them an advantage, which in turn, increases the job opportunities for them.
  • A Safe Decision: The 21st century economy is surrounded by extreme uncertainties, where, a recession could hit anytime. For instance, the global recession in the year 2008 impacted several industries and resulted in the making workforce unemployed. Thus, this is where the students pursuing dual specialisation benefit in the career’s perspective. They can easily switch industries due to their twin specialisation, due to their extensive understanding of two different domains.
  • Strong Networking Skills: One of the most prominent skills that recruiters look for in a candidate is networking skills. The student possessing a PGDM [Dual Specialisation] degree gets an exposure to a wider network of professionals in different domains. The candidate’s network grows professionally in their areas of specialisation which is an added advantage for career enhancement

Though there are immense advantages associated with dual specialisation, however, it is important to understand that it requires double the work as well. A dual specialisation may result in higher pressure on students as there are different theories and concepts which a student needs to embed thoroughly throughout the duration of the course. Also, the curriculum is wide as compared to those of a single specialisation course.

Though there are very few drawbacks associated with the dual specialisation courses, its benefits outweigh the challenges.

The demand for the dual specialisation is emerging in the Indian industries. Students have become aware of the current demands from organisations and now prefer doing a PGDM course with dual specialisation for a reputed institute.

IMS Noida is one of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR which offers twin specialisation to students. It is a premium institute which delivers excellent education with complete industry exposure to their students. The PGDM courses are taught by experienced professors, industry experts, and the institute offers activities like – seminars, conferences, industry visits, etc. to increase student’s exposure to the current job market. The institute is one of the top PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR which hosts leading companies during placements.

IMS Noida’s PGDM course is approved by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The program trains students to become excellent managers as well as high‐level decision‐makers. The program has a core curriculum, a mandatory summer internship, and elective courses in the second year. The course gives comprehensive training to students and equips them with the necessary skills for the current demanding job market.

There is a huge demand for students with strong multi-tasking abilities who can fit diversified roles. Doing a dual-specialisation in PGDM opens up a number of avenues and job prospects for students. Management skills imparted during the course makes students more adaptive to the severe competition in the industry. By pursuing a PGDM course from a leading institute students can jump-start their career!

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