Short Term Courses


Short Term courses

IMS offers short courses for professional development, academic advancement and entrepreneurship. In this fast paced digital world a person is expected to not only upgrade knowledge but also to master several interlinked, even unrelated disciples if he wants to scale up the corporate ladder. Rather than investing years of study on mastering those, these short courses will provide the opportunity to update skill set in only a fraction of the time.

The courses are being offered in multiple disciples such as new venture creation and management, digital marketing, data analytics, media and communication, consumer protection, lifestyle management. These intensive courses are designed in a wide variety of topics to meet the ever growing requirements of the industry as well as the aspirants. Delivered by the best professionals in the corresponding field, they offer an edge to unlocking an individual’s job prospects, promotions or new career ventures.

Ranging from a week to two year diploma with multiple entry and exit options, these course are perfect to all wanting flexibility in timing, duration and payments.

The following courses are currently being offered at IMS :
  • Music Communication
  • Audio Media(Radio)
  • Music Therapy
  • Start your own venture program
  • Digital Marketing