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Fresher's Welcome party 2018 - 19 “NOVATA FIESTA”
"IMS Noida PGDM and MIB final year students organized a sumptuous fresher’s welcome party “NOVATA FIESTA”for PGDM and MIB batch of 2018-19. The program theme of the fresher’s party was “Colors of India”, the purpose of the event was that every “fresher” of PGDM and MIB students should feel like an integral part of the IMS Noida family. Jovial smiles and high spirits marked the welcome party for the students. The fresher’s party begins with lamp lightening and prayers dedicated to Ma Sarsawti. Students invited Dr Kuneet Sur imam and faculty members and fresher’s for lighting the ceremonial lamp..
Dr. Kulneet Suri (Senior Director) IMS Noida welcomed all the students and she appreciated the effort and enthusiasm shown by PGDM and MIB students. With pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot tapping music, the party began with a Ramp walk and talent rounds. . Joy and happiness could be seen in PGDM and MIB students. They were having the time of their lives. All the people presented in the room were amazed with French song presented by group of PGDM students (Anamika, Nikhil, Simran, Shivam and Rishika) along with Prof. Ruchi. During the fresher’s party fresher’s shown incredible skills and talents while performing different activities and performances. During the lunch break students enjoyed great north Indian cuisine. In the post lunch session final round of talent hunt was started with great energy and enthusiasm. Anand Final year MIB student headed the question answer round. The main attraction of the NOVATA FIESTA event was the six titles Mr. and Miss Fresher, Mr. and Miss Charming and Mr. and Miss Photogenic kept by the seniors. Fresher’s after proving their skills in several talent rounds kept by the seniors. PGDM first year student Anamika Singh and PGDM Student Shivam Sharma received Miss and Mr. Fresher title award. Mr. and Miss Charming title goes to PGDM students Nikhil Vashisth and Sidratul. Last Mr. Photogenic and Miss. Photogenic title goes to Sidhant Gusain and Simran Bhatia PGDM students.
Workshop on "Digital Marketing" by Mr. Varun Khullar (Vice Chariman at PayTM)
Institute Of Management Studies, Noida organized a workshop on Digital Marketing for the students of PGDM and MIB. The workshop started with a general introduction of the resource person Mr. Varun Khullar (vice chariman at PayTM). It further continued with a Question and Answer session between the students and Mr. Varun Khullar. He asked the area of interest from the students and gave the idea about how important positive attitude is for the corporate world. In the Q/A session Mr. Khullar gave an insight about the importance of being updated about the happenings around you. He further asked the student to be a good decision maker, to initiate and to never stop developing your skills. He also explained about the selection criteria for PayTm in managerial position. Mr. Khullar also talked about the progress and challenges faced by PayTM. Students were delighted to get an insight about the corporate world.
Workshop on "Simulation" by Mr. Rahul Jain (MBA, FCS), Founder and Director of Bizwizlearning and Smart Coach
Institute Of Management Studies, Noida organized a workshop on Simulation for the PGDM students by Mr. Rahul Jain (MBA, FCS), founder and director of Bizwizlearning and smart which helps in multiplying the success in all area of life. He is a thought leader on business simulation, leadership, corporate finance and business planning. . Students were acquainted about simulation, its importance in taking decisions in the business, learning technological changes, self confidence and multitasking. During the lecture students were told that "technology will never replace teacher" and he concluded the workshop by demonstrating how simulation can help us in management learning by giving a practical insight of real –world business problems and situations.
Workshop by Prof. Radha Kant Das, alumni of IIT Kanpur
A workshop for the students of PGDM 2017-2019 and 2018-2020 batch was organised on 19th September 2018 by Prof Radha Kant Das, an alumni of IIT Kanpur and currently serving with ISKON Trust.
Workshop by Mr. Ankur Gupta
A workshop for the students of PGDM 2017-2019 and 2018-2020 batch was organised on 20th September by Mr. Ankur Gupta.The workshop started with an introduction of the speaker by Dr.HarvinderSoni (program coordinator PGDM).
Farewell “SYONARA 2018”
"The students of PGDM organized a Farewell Party for the passing out Batch 2016-18 of PGDM Program on May 26th, 2018 in the Seminar Hall. The party was titled as “SYONARA 2018”.
The program began with lighting of ceremonial lamp by Program Director, Dr. Ashish Jha and faculty members, followed by Welcome dance performance and Saraswati Vandana by Gauri Upadhayay.
The first year students put up a scintillating dance and musical performance for their beloved seniors. They had also prepared titles and scribbled memorable messages on the scroll sheets especially designed for the purpose. Fun games were organized for the students in which they participated wholeheartedly. The juniors had also prepared a special video for their seniors which brought back nostalgia. Towards the end of the program the students cut a cake to seal the day with sweet memories followed by crazy moves on the dance floor. The title of Mr. & Ms. Syonara 2018 went to Ankit Narula and Mansi Garg. The titles of Mr. & Ms. Charm of Syonara 2018 were bestowed upon Akshay Bharadwaj and Sneha Sinha. Student of the year 2018, went to Nirmal Singh. The entire program was arranged and conceptualized by the students under the guidance of faculty members. Overall the event was a huge success and the students left the campus teary eyed but carried away fond memories for a lifetime.
Induction Program for PGDM and MIB 2018-2020 batch students
Institute of Management studies Noida organized an Induction Program for PGDM and MIB 2018-2020 batch students. The students of PGDM and MIB students received a warm welcome by their seniors. The purpose of a comprehensive induction program was to go beyond familiarizing students with the campus and other fellow students. It focused upon acclimatizing them with their respective chosen programs and letting them know what it takes to be a successful manager or entrepreneur.
Visit - "National Public Procurement Conclave 2018"
"The PGDM and MIB (batch 2018-20) visited India Habitat Centre on October 30-31, 2018 to attend the 2nd edition of NATIONAL PUBLIC PROCUREMENT CONCLAVE 2018 organized jointly by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Government e-marketplace (GeM). The two day event was intended to educate stakeholders about the Government e-marketplace launched by Government of India in August 2016 for public procurement and discuss the benefits and issues faced by the relevant parties (buyers, sellers, and e-marketplace). The first day of the event saw representatives from GeM talking about the vision and mission of launching this initiative (transparency and social inclusion). Ms. Radha Chauhan, CEO GeM highlighted the importance and issues of public procurement and how the use of technology can ensure transparency in the system. She also highlighted the initiatives taken by GeM to address the need of right product at the right time and at the right price, and the inclusion of MSMEs and Startups in the ecosystem. The talk was followed by a technical session on the Technological, Operational, Finance, and Legal context of doing business on GeM. The second day witnessed buyers and sellers coming together to share their experiences and issues with GeM on one platform. Representatives from buyer organizations (Indian Oil, Indian Army, and Airport Authority of India) emphasized on the need to bring industry specific products on the platform, and manage delivery timelines, quality and pricing issues. Representatives from Seller organizations (HP, Tata Motors) emphasized on the need to remove fictitious sellers on the platform, and improve payment deadlines for the buyers. Representative from GeM gave a holistic view of the process and rules of GeM and the reasonings thereof.

Our students benefitted immensely as they were able to listen to eminent speakers talking about this radical technology initiative taken by the Government of India. The students also took a walk around the exhibition area where sellers showcased their products and services. "