Consumer Law & Public Policy


Concept Note

The Centre is established to develop research and educational programs in the areas of law governing and relating to consumer rights. The path breaking Centre, aims to carry out a vast variety of its socio-economically relevant activities and also propagate its benign objectives and methodologies.
The objectives of the centre are to act as an educational and scholarly bridge, connecting the aspirations of the consumer rights community and its activists with the worlds of academia, of economics, politics and business. A vibrant and economically superior India depends on a ‘rights-aware’ consumer, the very essence of this centre. This centre is managed by the faculties of Business Law and Management. The centre encourages as many students to participate and be a part of the policy awareness phenomena PIC

Message From Center Head

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our New Centre for Consumer Law and Public Policy. The vision is to create a professional centre of excellence which will create opportunities to maximize the benefit to the citizens by research in Public Policy and consumers (by research and Case Study)of our country .Objective behind establishment of this centre is to foster Inter disciplinary research & publication, FDP, MDP ,Case Study and to contribute to the development of a Study Plan concerning Consumer rights and public policy.It will be further used by Higher Education Institutions of India by forming a National focal point for the activities, it will be functioning as a Center of Excellence and will provide a common platform for various local and national bodies working in the same field and willing to operate on a joint basis.

Dr. Niti Sinha
Centre Chair - Centre for Consumer Law & Public Policy