Cultural Club

The cultural club at IMS NOIDA, is the embodiment of a collective soul and a singular dream – the quest to build a heaven for the novices and connoisseurs alike, where the ‘art’ of living takes on new meaning. The club is an attempt to capture the Vociferous persona of our students by providing a platform for musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers and dreamers. 

There is a diverse composition of singers of all genre, guitarists, synthesizer players, drummer, table player who are capable of putting them in a trance with their Jugalbandi. 

The Dancers of IMS are adept with every dance form one can think off . They are of are on their toes tapping their feets in rhythm with the beats of the music to give a mindblowing and unbelievable performances. Dramatics the people who are among the best in creating what is called as “Nautanki” and Dramas, having done various plays on social themes in the form of nukkad nataks, and are evolving towards more forms of drama.