FMCG Retail Lab

Star Attraction
Live ownership of a part of a Top Supermarket’s retail shelf
Top Skills Learnt
* Live Shelf Pricing
* Live Assortment Mix
* Live Marketing ROI
* Market Share Forecasting
* Digital Marketing
* Promotions Optimization

Media Communication Lab

Star Attraction

Live management of Non-Prime slot program schedules of a Top TV/Radio Channel
Top Skills Learnt
* Scheduling Constraints Analysis
* Live Program Scheduling
* Audience Profiling & Segmentation
* Content Profiling & Segmentation
* Linear & Non Linear Optimization
* Viewership Maximization Program

Banking and Finance Lab

Star Attraction
Live execution of a Hedge Fund Portfolio running Intra-day & Carry Strategies
Top Skills Learnt
* Customer Risk Detection
* Market Risk Detection
* Live Intra-day Trading
* Live Hedge Fund Portfolio Mgmt
* Risk & Opportunity Based Pricing