PGDM Entrepreneurship


The program offers aspiring students the opportunity to graduate with their own start-up. and become enterprising leaders. The course allows the students to DO rather than teach Entrepreneurship through direct experience whether real or simulated.

The first year is committed to generating business ideas and developing a plan alongside building a mobile app / minimum viable product. The second year offers the opportunity to launch a business, raise money and build it up. The students practice the concepts through a Campus Company in a risk free environment of the campus. The Conceptual frameworks lend meaning to these experiences, converting them into reusable knowledge and skills for the participants. The program consists of a core curriculum, a summer internship (compulsory start-up training between first and second year) and elective courses (optional courses in the second year).

The curriculum of PGDM is delivered by entrepreneurs, start-up specialists and entrepreneurial academician in an experiential workshop mode. Each participant gets mentored by an expert and is encouraged to create a high performance company.

Course Structure (Duration: 2 Years)

• Fundamental of Entrepreneurship & Effectuation
• Creativity and Idea Generation
• Opportunity Identification and Evaluation
• Financial Accounting
• Managerial Economics
• Marketing Concepts & Practices-I
• Business Communication
• Field Study : Market and Field Research to analyse Market size and Growth Opportunity
• Integrating Concepts into Solutions and Building Prototypes
• Business Modeling
• Marketing Concepts & Practices-II
• Cost & Management Accounting
• Macro Economics
• Scanning Government & Business environment
• Mind Room Study - 3D - Dialogue, Discussion,Discourse. WAC + Presentation for Need gap analysis
• Android App development
• Field Study : Build an Minimum viable product
• Legal and Financial Challenges in Starting up
• Raising Money
• Incorporating a new Venture
• Building a team and managing people
• Developing Business Strategy - Launching and Growth of Business
• Business Plan
• Website Development
• Launch : Detailed project report/ Business Plan
• Digital Marketing (Core)
• Effective networking (Experiential) (Core)
• Setting Vision Mission and Building Lasting Companies (Core)
• Elective I (Entre)
• Elective II (Entre)
• Elective III (Mktg / Fin / Ops )
• Elective IV (Mktg / Fin / Ops )
• Build : Company Formation and Registration (Process completion and document creation)
• Production & Operations Management
• Business Laws (Core)
• Management Information Systems with advance exel
• Elective III (Entre)
• Elective IV (Entre)
• Elective III (Mktg / Fin / Ops )
• Elective IV (Mktg / Fin / Ops )
• Exit Strategies
• Managing Growth and Managing Change
• Human Resource Management & Business Ethics (Core)
• Project Report Dissertation