Salaam Namaste Radio Station


Salaam Namaste Radio Station

Salaam Namaste is the first community radio station in Noida - Ghaziabad region, based at the internationally renowned academic hub- IMS Noida. Salaam Namaste has come into existence with a keen sense of dedication to the communities of people living in this region and aims to create history with constructive intervention as an aware organ mass media.

Along with our desire to provide the listeners with quality infotainment keeping different age groups and their respective areas of interests in mind, the broadcast of Salaam Namaste would also comprise programmes aiming at the resolution of problems being faced by people, by acquainting the authorities with them.

Thus, the prime objective of Salaam Namaste is to educate people and create awareness among them through its well conceived interactive programs and contribute to the creation of a better ambience all around.A glimpse of our programme here may give you some idea of the innovations and creativity that have gone into their making. Salaam Namaste is by the community and for the community.

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