Visiting Scholars Program


Dr. Navendu Karan

Dr. Navendu is a Doctorate in Economics (Public Finance) from IIM Ahmedabad with additionalqualifications in Business Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai and in Electrical Engineering fromNIT, Surat. He has about twenty (20) years of work experience. Dr. Navendu has earlier workedwith Reserve Bank of India, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. and IL&FS InfrastructureDevelopment Corporation Ltd. He specializes in Public Financial Management (PFM), withspecial focus on fiscal reforms, debt management & debt sustainability analysis. He has alsobeen advising Governments as Energy Economist; and in PPP infrastructure transaction advisory.He has worked on assignments with the European Commission, Asian Development Bank(ADB), Finance Commission and Planning Commission of India.Dr. Navendu Karan took a session of PGDM students at IMS-NOIDA on the topic "StrategicManagement". He started with motivating the students and discussing with them what successactually is? How organizations can achieve success? He then put thrust on StrategyManagement, its elements, its objectives, needs, intent of strategy and strategic formulation. Healso talked about the 5 major elements of strategy i.e. arenas, vehicles, differentiators, stagingand economic logics.

David Wittenberg

David Wittenberg is an Innovation Consultant, Author, Speaker, Professor of Business, and aneducationalist with over 35 years of consulting, entrepreneurial, marketing and managementexperience in a broad range of industries supporting companies from Fortune 500 enterprises tostart-ups.. He is presently CEO of The Innovation Workgroup working with leading Indian andmultinational corporations to increase revenues and cut costs by hundreds of millions of dollarsthrough world-class innovation. Mr. Wittenberg is an internationally acknowledged keynotespeaker on innovation and other relevant business subjects, author of ‘The Executive's Guide toInnovation’.

At IMS, David Wittenberg took a session on the topic "Paths to Success". He interacted withthe students and discussed with them what success actually is? How can success be achieved? itsvarious ingredients like self knowledge, self control, autonomy, integrity, responsibility and networking.

Mr. Wittenberg guided students to face fears in life which hold them back from taking up therisks and accept the challenges. He emphasized on ‘how cultural differences and perceptions caninfluence their success’ and stressed on “How satisfaction plays a significant role in our success”.

Another session taken by him was dedicated on adding value to one's personality, identifyingone's interests and talents. He clarified about how guilt and shame affects our choices andpreferences.

Dr. Anurag Jain

Dr. Anurag Jain is an aviation and travel industries professional with a Doctorate in Quantitative Methods & Information Systems from IIM Bangalore. A well-rounded commercial (sales and marketing) aviation profile with a solid mix of practical and cutting edge theoretical business-view. Experience encompassing a combination of hands-on operational, consulting, strategy, and analytical support functions, and grounded in e-commerce, and using & developing analytical techniques.

He has worked in different capacities - spanning all aspects of commercial areas - with various airlines such as Air Deccan, Kingfisher and Spicejet. Dr. Jain has also worked with blue-chip companies such as Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, and India Glycols Ltd.

IMS Noida invited him for a Guest Lecture on “Revenue Management: How to compete in high velocity environment”. Dr. Jain briefed students of PGDM on the topics like:- Pricing of seats of airlines, Revenue Management, Forecasting, Seat allotments of airlines, Overbooking, How to handle the Waiting list and Growth of airlines.

Mr. Kishore Chakraborti

Mr. Kishore Chakraborti, Vice President- McCann Erickson was invited on IMS campusfor a guest lecture on the subject “Integrated Marketing Communications”.

The discussion was brought up through fundamentals of marketing and progressed on how thetools of IMC should be integrated through different practical cases. Mr. Kishore took someexamples about the impact of effective marketing communication on sales, market shares andcompany's overall profitability.

A visual case study was also floored for discussion titled "Lifebouy at Maha khumbh Mela".Also Incredible India, Gillette mach 3 and Coke personalized campaigns were discussed. Theworkshop was rounded up with a task assigned to the students.

Dr. Bharat Verma

Dr. Bharat Verma is a fellow of IIM Ahmadabad with dedicated years of research and industry experience in India and abroad. He is associated with several centres of Advanced Research and top companies advancing in the area of Data Science in South East Asia and currently visiting fellow of University of Uttar Malaysia.

IMS Noida organised Dr.Verma for guest lecture on “Data Science Evolution and its Relevance in today’s Context” for the students of PGDM.

He deliberated on data science evolution and its relevance with regard to the contemporary facetsof industry in particular. He enumerated upon the various advantages of data science analytics as an important tool of quick decision making. He elaborated on the relevance of this field from the point of view of analyzing relationships amongst various macro economic variables affecting the industry at large. He also enlightened the students with the concept of risk minimization structureas the fundamental tool of data science analytic

Dr. Sanjeevan Kapshe

Dr. Sanjeevan Kapshe is a Doctorate in derivatives from IIM Bangalore and a specialist inFinance Area. Dr. Kapshe was a teacher with Baroda Railway Staff Training College initially andthereafter took senior to senior positions signalling service department. He is also worked withSEBI on senior positions. He is also an adjunct faculty with IIM, Trichy in Finance.

Dr. Kapshe visits IMS, imparting cutting edge finance education to PGDM – Finance students.