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About IMS

At IMS, we believe that teaching what happened in the past is not as critical as understanding the shape of things to come. And in this fast-changing world, the best way to control the future is to create it. With a radical, cutting-edge curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methodology and industry interface, IMS is focused on creating students ready for whatever is Next.

We are in Delhi NCR, where global businesses, professional and creative talent gravitate and where a multitude of cultures coexist. That’s reflected in our vibrant and diverse community of students and faculty. Here, academic excellence, opportunity and connections combine dynamically to help you discover your potential and succeed in today’s global business scenario.


Message From Management

Message from President

“IMS Noida, the only institute in India where we teach how to be fully equipped for the uncertain NEXT”

I am personally very excited about the transformation that is underway at IMS Noida where the focus is on “Delivering Next”, to prepare students to be ready for the industry and to learn not about past but about the shape of things to come future. With the help of world renowned professors, IMS is radically changing its curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methods and industry interface to meet this challenge of “Delivering Next”. IMS Noida will be a unique place to discover oneself as focus will be on customized training based on harnessing the strength of each student. In this journey towards Next, the focus will be on developing each individual by imparting knowledge on Next, personality development and communication skills along with team building. We have created the first of its kind, by any institute in India,
I am very happy to welcome our next batch of exuberant, young aspirants to the Institute.We look forward to our new entrants to come up to the expectations of the Institute and be part of this dynamic momentum that we have set for ourselves.

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Message from Senior Director

“If you are self-motivated and enjoy teaching and learning, there is no better career”

Dr Kulneet Suri is at present Senior Director at IMS Noida. Apart from looking after Operations of the campus she is also involved in the International linkages domain of work.

Dr. Kulneet Suri, an MBA and an M.Phil in English Language, with Doctorate from LTSNU(Ukraine). She was Head International Operations of IEC Group of Institutions and IEC University. She began her career with AIRTEL and has there on successfully risen by handing multidimensional assignments. On joining an educational institution she has been heading all the major functions in the EDUCATION Sector at various points in time. She has successfully handled operations from inception and then led them on a high growth path through meticulous strategy, planning and execution.

She is responsible for the management and coordination of IMS Noida to its more than 65 worldwide partner institutions. She is also responsible for the development of new enterprise initiatives.

Dr. Suri is on the Academic Advisory Committee of the GREAT LAKES, Business School. She has contributed several articles in academic / professional journals on a wide range of issues related to management, organization behavior, Total Quality Management. She has also authored a book on Total Quality Management (TQM) and 5 other books on English language. Her latest publication is Amazing English.

She is directly reporting to the Chairperson of IMS Noida for coordination of worldwide operational matters and overall functioning of the campus. This includes, strategic and reconnaissance operations, information operations, special academic alliance and management of IMS and has served in a variety of operational commands.

She has played a key role in initiating modernization, quality and technology up gradation in various businesses across IMS. She was instrumental in implementing the concept of “Management by Objectives” (MBO), a strategic initiative of the Group.

Working at present for UNISON Group of Education—they have lateral diversifications into Universities, B-Schools and Design Schools

 “Branding, and Quality are her passion and always will be”.

She has also made advisory of eminent personalities on INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD OF COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.

Responsible for mentoring a team to develop an industry academia relationship and initiated creating an industry academia innovation center. She has formed an International Academic Advisory Board welcoming members from 35 Universities including ITALY, UK, Sweden, Singapore, UK, Malaysia, and some of our prominent University partners are Nanyang Technological University(Singapore), University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom), Taylor’s University College (Malaysia), University of Boras (Sweden), University of South Albama (USA), Venice International University (ITALY), University of Derby(UK), Rotterdam School of Management (European Union), University of Milan(Italy), University of Gothenberg (Sweden), Central European University (European Union) and Janus Pannonious University (Hungary).

She has lectured at various International Universities like EDINBURGH NAPIER UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF WEST OF SCOTLAND, and UCLAN in the UK. She has also lectured at MUST(state government university in MONGOLIA) and NANYANG I Singapore

She has already had a significant impact on the group conducting a complete strategic review resulting in a significant restructure and refocusing of the whole organization and Group as a whole.

She is strongly committed to exploring new ways for IMS to do business with foreign countries. Her views about education are that “The foundation of every country, state is the Education of Youth. Education is an embellishment in possessions and a retreat in adversity. Education is not only a source of hallway in to a job. The most valued consequence of education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, distinguish whether you like it or not, it is the first lesson that ought to be learned and however early a man’s training may begin in probably the last lesson he learns meticulously.


Education forms the spirit: it replaces an empty mind with an open one. Therefore Education may be a means of acquiring a good job but not be all and end all-the source.

As the Senior Director for IMS, she is involved in development programs across the world including leadership program at various universities such as.

At present she is member in various working committees of National and International Bodies like: AIU, HRD Network ABE, UK.

Memberships: NHRDN, Delhi Chapter

IIT-Delhi Chapter

USP’s:::: Setting up Institutions, Handing business in Pharmaceutical Sector/ Fashion/ International Institutions/ Handling Foreign National Students

Major Awards and Decorations :

Co-Chairperson of Department of Girl Education-CEGR

Executive Member of MIAE, Mongolia

Appreciations & Awards: Honors from Embassy of Mongolia

Awards: 1. Awarded by MTC Global as knowledge Expert in the year 2013

    Awarded on PAN India basis (in all amongst 50 nominations) as Eduleader-2014 by Engineering Watch. The Award was conferred on her by Honourable Smt.Smriti Irani- (Cabinet Minister- HRD), Government of India.

    Awarded by Aspiring Minds – “National Employability Award for the Year 2014”

    Awarded “Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar” by Prof K P Issac, Member Secretary, AICTE for the year 2014.

    Best Group of Educational Institute in UP conferred on Dr.Kulneet Suri by Worldwide achievers -2015

    Career Guru Awards (for inspiring students and following best practices towards making students more employable) conferred on Dr.Kulneet Suri presented by Aspiring Minds
    Education Excellence Awards 2016 conferred on Dr.Kulneet Suri by the Education Post (CIAC global)

Through her creativity and inspiring motivation, combined with the invaluable support of IMS Noida is geared to grow exponentially for the next decade. Acknowledged as a visionary by her peers, she has been ahead of her times. Anticipating the future, she has spearheaded several path-breaking education sector trends and initiatives.

”I believe that Quality world can be created with a quite reminder for strong determination, a little imagination and spot of good luck – everything in this world is possible to achieve”.

“Nothing is more professionally fulfilling than to help students learn, to build the Nation, and to create new knowledge base in EDUCATION.”

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Message from the Director (Academics & Research)

“To impart the ‘Next’, we have identified high impact skill sets for all sunrise industries.”

‘Delivering Next’ is all about our approach here at IMS. It is not a statement of vision but a practical approach wherein we inculcate the skill sets that train students to be the best asset for the industry. Our IT programs are clearly unique in their methodology and curriculum and aim to super-skill our students who could then deliver quick and accurate results from day one. To impart the ‘Next’, we have identified sunrise industries where we will be training students in practical scenarios and thereby developing the skills to suit them to specific roles that they will undertake in the industries. The need for developed skill sets in the industry is a clear void that we are aiming to fill.
We are proud to present this as well as other key differentiators like Personality Development, as part of the course structure.
IMS Noida is the only institute where you learn to predict the uncertain future by being part of it. That really is the essence of ‘Delivering Next’. Visit IMS, feel the difference and learn the Next.

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